Third Space Academia

Third Space Academia

Dr Kieran Fenby-Hulse, one of the speakers at the inaugural conference, developed this diagram to express the various possibilities opened up by Research with Reach. We were delighted to find Kieran taking up the term ‘third space’, as this was something we developed in the process of beginning this project. As two PhD candidates at King’s College London, Research with Reach started as a response to the rhetoric of ‘impact’, to the lack of financial recognition within academic writing, and to our desire to foster creative research practices. This led us on a quest to define, find and examine the possibilities of a research practice that does not just work between the public sphere and the academe, but that somehow occupies and profits from a ‘third space’. This ‘third space’ is characterised by research that is inherently valuably–not simply because it has ‘impact’ or because it advances specialist knowledge. ‘Third space’ Research with Reach is valuable because it does both, at once, breaking down the binary between academia and the public sphere. You will be able to read more about the ‘third space’ and the response from speakers and attendees at our inaugural conference on our Learn and Train page, which is coming soon. For now, we’d like to thank Kieran for so colourfully representing within this diagram the exciting possibilities that we think the ‘third space’ creates.


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